Laundry Dry Dehumidifier

Model : OL-D10


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The Eco Aqua Dehumidifier with humidity control is a mid-size capacity, electric petite compact dehumidifier that cools the home via Peltier technology which utilizes thermoelectric science by condensing water vapor via a cool surface heat pump.

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Product Description

The Laundry Dry Dehumidifier is portable, sleek and energy saving. It is perfect to lower humidity level in any enclosed room. Poor ventilation causes musty odor and fungus in wardrobes, bathroom, etc. The Laundry Dry dehumidifier eliminates this problem by keeping your home free of unwanted moisture.


A. Fan Speed
There are 2 speeds for selection : High or Low speed. In High speed mode, the fan speed and rate of dehumidifying
increase. In Low speed mode, the speed of the fan is slower. When using low speed, the dehumidifying rate will also be

B. Timer
Press the key to set the operating hours required. (1 to 24hrs). Timer indicating light illuminates.

C. Humidity Setting
There are 2 working modes for selection, CO & AU mode as well as 4 pre-set relative humidity level to select from
(50%, 60%, 70%, 80%RH).

Technical Specifications
Capacity : Approx. 10 Litres per day at 30°C, 80% RH
Cooling element : R134a
Power adaptor : 220 – 240V / 50Hz
Power consumption : 152W, 0.96A
Water tank capacity : 2.3 Litres
Net Weight : 7.5kg
Working environment : 30% – 80% RH
Water level : Auto switch off with indicator when water tank is full
Drying feature : Warm air outlet for laundry drying purposes
Product dimension : 290 x 240 x 414mm
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