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Home Safety

Model : OL-2588

Smoke Detector

Model : OL-2588

Protect your love ones, don’t stay home without one! The smoke detector is battery operated and is...

Digital Gas Detector

Model : OL-2008EX

iSafe digital gas detector is an important part of your family’s home safety plan. You can trust t...

Siren Alarm Padlock

Model : SA-10

The siren alarm padlock is a new concept that gives the user double the security of a conventional p...

Personal Alarm

Model : PA-8

These small, convenient personal alarms will not take up much space. Lightweight and extremely loud,...

Anti Doze Detector

Model : PA-10

iSafe anti-doze detector is designed for use when driving to increase awareness and to prevent momen...

Slim entry alarm with solar power

Model : HS-217VMS

The slim entry alarm uses micro-technology to create the compact entry alarm. It is mounted on door/...

Window Lock with vibration alarm

Model : HS-708

The window lock protects your home or office against forceful entry from window. The adjustable lock...

Glass Break Alarm

Model : HS-322

The glass break alarm is able to detect sharp window ‘thump’ or breakage. Once detected, the ala...