Ultimate Dust Mite Controller

Model : Pest-Stop 1600 UDMC

Over exposure to dust mite and bed bugs may result in a person becoming allergic to pollen, developing hay fever as well as rashes and itchy skin.

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  1. General Details

    Over exposure to dust mite and bed bugs may result in a person becoming allergic to pollen, developing hay fever as well as rashes and itchy skin. Dust mites are also responsible for up to 50% of respiratory asthma, eczema and rhinitis conditions.

    After many years of research and clinical trials the results have been more than expected. The reduction in allergens was the goal of our research. The reduction in the dust mite population was an overwhelming breakthrough.

    The Ultimate Dust Mite Controller is a non toxic device, without the use of chemical substances; it is completely ecological and effectively reduces the number of dust mites and the allergens they produce.

  2. Features
    • Just plug-in
    • High pressure ultrasonic technology
    • Scientifically & clinically proven
    • Reduces risk of asthma as well as other allergies
    • Power on indicator
    • No poison, no chemicals, no traps!
    • Effective against dustmite, bedbugs, spider and moths

    What are mites?
    Mites are microscopical spiders the size of 200u. In particular, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and Dermatophagoides farina, living in house dust, they are important agents responsible for allergic disorders.

    These mites live in house dust and in beddings like mattresses, blanket and pillows, feeding on epithelial dander.

    What is house dust mite allergy?
    House mite allergy is a hypersensitive reaction to proteins in the excretion of dust mites. The protein attacks the respiratory passages causing hay fever and asthma. It will aggravate dermatitis in people who have a tendency to this problem.

    House dust mites are found in all homes. They are microscopic organisms that thrive in warm and humid houses with lots of food – human skin. The mites prefer to live in beds and, because we spend about a third of the day in bed, we inhale large quantities of dust mite allergens.

    How do you become allergic to house dust mites?
    The excretion of the mites contains a number of protein substances. When these are inhaled or touch the skin, the body produces antibodies. These antibodies cause the release of a chemical called histamine that leads to swelling and irritation of the upper respiratory passages – typical asthma and hay fever symptoms.

    Unlike pollen, dust mites are present all year round causing constant allergy – ‘perennial’ allergic rhinitis. The excretion from the mites dries out and can be launched into the air when someone walks over a rug, sits down in a chair, or shakes the bed clothes, giving allergic people immediate symptoms.

    What are the symptoms of house dust mite allergy?
    – Hay fever, runny nose, itching, sneezing.
    – Watering eyes.
    – Asthma, difficulty in breathing.
    – Infantile eczema (a skin disease) may get worse.

  3. How it works:

    The Ultimate Dust Mite Controller emits pulsing ultrasonic waves at a frequency of 40,000Hz which is totally harmless for humans and pets, but very annoying for the house dust mite. The ultrasonic waves interfere in the growing cycle of house dust mites, reducing the allergenic presence in the domestic environment. For best results, keep plugged in at all times. Benefits are noticed after about 2 months of use, when the population on dust mites dramatically reduces.

  4. Technical Specifications
    Model No Pest-Stop 1600 UDMC
    Dimension 109 x 75 x 33 mm
    Power Input 100 – 240 volts, 50-60Hz
    Power Consumption 2 Watts
    Weight 72 grams
    Coverage Area 1600 sq ft
  5. Recommended Area

    bedroom, hall, office, hotel

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