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Mini Pro Pest Repeller

Model : Pest-Stop 2000PRO


Ultimate PRO Pest Repeller

Model : Pest-Stop 6000PRO

The Pest Repeller Ultimate PRO by Pest-Stop Professional is the only electronic indoor pest repe...


SureGuard Snake Repeller

Model : Pest-Stop SureGuard 3000


UVC Sterilizer Pod

Model : AirVita 19

$79.90 $59.90

Ultimate Mosquito & Flying Insect Killer

Model : Pest-Stop 500 UMIK

Mosquito is often a carrier of diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis and many oth...


V3 PRO Photocatalyst Mozzie Magnet

Model: Pest Stop V3 PRO

Pest-Stop professional V3 PRO Photocatalyst Mozzie Magnet uses all of the proven mosquito attract...


V6 Photocatalyst Mozzie Magnet

Model : Pest-Stop V6

Pest-Stop professional V6 LED Mozzie Magnet uses all of the proven mosquito attractants such as U...


Premier Aqua Dehumidifier

Model : OL-800

The Premier Aqua Dehumidifier is a mid size capacity, electric petite compact dehumidifier that c...


Eco Aqua Dehumidifier

Model : OL-900

The Eco Aqua Dehumidifier with humidity control is a mid-size capacity, electric petite compact d...


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